Who Am I?

vonnamia post on October 27th, 2008

Yvonne Lyon

A little about me, my blogs & my business.

I’ve been online for more years than I am willing to share and have been marketing for 3 or 4.  I have a few sites I’ve built or am in the process of building.  One is for New Internet Marketers, one is Graphic Design (for the introverted artist in me, see more on that below…), a membership site for more Advanced Marketers and this one, my personal blog.

I am aiming this blog to be mostly the fun side of life with a few notes about life online along the way.  Don’t hold me to that. I’ve been known to change my mind now and again…

My Family…
I’m a mom and a grandma (should those be capitalized?) I have two beautiful, grown kids, boy and girl, not in that order, and they’re old enough to tell me they are no longer a “boy” or a “girl”, but instead.. a “grown man” and a “young woman”. I’ve been an ’empty-nester’ for more than a few years so my travel plans always include trips to see my babies.. ya ya.. they’re not babies anymore, but they’ll always be my babies!

I’ve been blessed with two beautiful grandchildren, a boy and a girl, in that order, and yes, they are still young! Although it may seem selfish, I am always hinting at more. Okay.. not so much hinting, but downright asking for more.

My World…
I live in beautiful sunny Florida with a man that I adore (who also works online full-time) and when we’re not sitting at home in front of our computers, we travel to events together. My life consists of long walks, holding hands, setting goals and fulfilling our dreams. (hmmm…sounds a little like the last romance novel I read!) But seriously, it is the way my life goes. We work, travel and overcome anything our lives can throw at us, one day at a time, together.

Just What Do I Do?….
I’m an introverted artist…is there such a thing? My dreams include being able to sustain my income through my photography, paintings, prose & music. But alas… the starving, introverted artist in me pursues other income producing goals like, affiliate marketing, graphic design and being an all-around geek who messes with the techie side of life. But have no fear, my vision board includes selling my paintings (when I paint them), and having my lyrics heard round the world (when I write them), by someone who can actually sing somewhere other than the shower. Or in my case, with the headphones on, windows closed, and hopefully no one within a hundred feet who can hear me belting out notes that no one but the good Lord himself can appreciate. I think he wears cotton in His ears when I sing though.

I try to remain positive and see the good things in life, and on those daily occasions when my brain gets in the way, I always have someone who kicks me in the rear and reminds me of all the blessings I have. I have more than a few ‘real life’ friends that are a result of my life and work online. It’s not all work and no play!

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